Wellcome to Shukan Engineers

Shukan Engineers has established in the year of 2005.We are perfect source of Asbestos & Non Asbestos sealing products. We were faced with many challenges in the initial stages of operation but we have been able to deter all those challenges under the able guidance of Mr. Ashish Bhavsar & Tenish makwana (Founder of Shukan Engineers). Our wide range of Gland packing has been widely appreciated by our clients belonging to various industries such as Chemical and dyes industries, Pumps mfgrs, Food Industries, Hydrocarbon Processing, Chemical machinery mfgrs. etc.

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Our Products

Braided Packing

Braided packing for a wide range of applications, made from fibers like cotton and asbestos, pure flexible mineral graphite, PTFE, Aramid, and many hybrids from a blend of all those materials.

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Extruded PTFE Packing

Extruded packing made from 100% pure PTFE-fine-powder and a food approved lubricants. It can be used in connection with most liquid and gaseous substances. It is excellent all-purpose valve steam packing for many different industries.

Compact, cross-sectional density, self-lubricating, protects shaft, excellent chemical resistance, Reduce wear and tear on shafts in abrasive environments through incorporating solid particles.

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Injectable Packing

Shaft sealing system which can drastically reduce down-time by re-injecting sealing compound while the pumping equipment is in operation. Saves water and energy, extends maintenance intervals.


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