Braided Packing

Braided packing for a wide range of applications, made from fibers like cotton and asbestos, pure flexible mineral graphite, PTFE, Aramid, and many hybrids from a blend of all those materials.

Asbestos Packing

Lubricated, braided Asbestos packing performs well with minimal shaft and sleeve wear. Excellent for general service applications.

PTFE Packing

Packing made from 100% pure PTFE yarn and from graphite-incorporated PTFE-yarn. These packing have excellent thermal and chemical resistance. It is ideal for valves and pumps in the chemical and food processing industries.

Aramid Packing

Packing made from Aramid fibers, for demanding applications involving high pressure, abrasive media, etc.

PTFE / Aramid Packing

These packing combine the unsurpassed chemical and thermal resistance of PTFE and Graphite PTFE with the extremely high mechanical strength of Aramid.

Flexible Graphite Packing

Self-lubricating, it has excellent performance in extreme pressure/temperature situations. With superb resistance to chemicals & good thermal conductivity.