Quality Assurance

Our high demands for the quality of our products, cost effective manufacturing procedures, innovative product developments and an efficient and competent customer service are guaranteed by our strict quality management and continuous improvements.

Shukan Engineers is established and marketing of Special Gland Packing and Fluid Sealing Products. Shukan engineers, incorporated in 2005 under the Companies act having its head office in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Non – Asbestos Range Of Products

  • PTFE Gland packing
  • PTFE Graphite Gland packing
  • Aramid Gland packing
  • Pure Graphite Gland Packing
  • Ceramic and Glass fiber products
  • All Kind of Asbestos Gland packing and ropes
  • Special develop gland packing for specific application
  • Metallic Gland products.
  • Soft PTFE gasket and ropes



Shukan have all range of product for various applications like, Chemical Companies, Shipping / Marine Water Solution and Sewage Plants, Paper / Pulp Industry, Thermal Power Plants, Dyes industries, Chemical machine manufacturing Industry, Process pump industries are some of the major Industrial Areas where Shukan Gland Packing has been well appreciated and being successfully used. We have ability to solve any problem of leakages due to our experience of all kind of plants. Shukan is acknowledged technology leader for fluid sealing products.