Fiber Glass Tape

Shukan Engineering

We are the prominent manufacturers of Fiberglass tapes, that are manufactured from texturised fiberglass yarns. Whether the construction is knitted or woven, the tapes will not burn or smolder and retain as much as 25% of its tensile strength at 550 C degrees. They exhibit a high strength-to-weight ratio while maintaining excellent flexibility.

Fiberglass tape which is made of the non-alkali glass fibre yarns. The main component is E-glass, oxidation potassium and oxidation sodium with the content of oxidation of alkali metals is not more than 0.5%.

Product wise application search strings:

Fiberglass tape offered by us is mainly used in repairing the crack and joints or holes of drywall, plasterboard, stucco and repairing other damages in other wall surface.

Technical Specification:

  • Standard Sizes
  • Thickness : 3mm and 6mm
  • Width : 13 mm-100 mm
  • Temp : up to 550 C
  • Packing : In Roll of 50 or 100 meters each